Since 1987 the MD-trampette has been a well-known concept within TeamGym gymnastics. This concept has during the years been spread through all of Europe and lately around the world. Today we are happy to offer the best trampette on the market regarding stability, safety, power and performance.

The MD-trampette has been under constant development since the start and we can offer you a wide range of trampettes that fits all gymnasts and ages.

Choose between our models, Children, Elite, Top-Elite and Super-Elite where each model has it own characteristic that is suitable for different levels and ages.

It’s most important to use the right model for the gymnasts so they can develope their technique right. This means that you should slowly go from a softer to a harder trampette as the gymnasts gets better and older to give them the maximum basis and the best development with the trampette.

Contact us for more information or if you are insecure of which trampette that is best for you and your club.

Accessories and Spareparts

Trampette models

001098 Super-Elite

001095 Top-Elite 36

001096 Top-Elite 32

001060 Standard 32

001080 Children 28

001051 - Steel-spring

001052 - Web-bed (28 or 32 springs)

001053 - Ross-bed (32, 36 or 40 springs)

001056 - Feet (new model)

001058 - Frame-pad for Top-Elite

001059 - Frame-pad for Super-Elite

001061 - Saftey-wedge (Top/Super-Elite)