Since we started the production of the air4tumble we have sold over 500 airfloors around the whole world! It has not taken a long time after the airfloor has arrived at the clubs before we have received both emails and phone-calls with thanks and praises over this excellent product. The coaches just loves the way it rewards your air time if you are tight enough during the tumbling-pass but also how the gymnasts can tumble with more durability during the practice and be safer on all landings. One of the most important improvements you get when you tumble on the air4tumble compared to a spring/ rod floor is how forgiving it is on the body. We have seen a major decline and reduction regarding common injuries as ankles, achilles and knees.
Because of the success with our first air4tumble product, the airfloor, we have put in a lot of effort to develop the next equipment within the air4tumble series and the outcome is just great! We can now present the inflatable incline, the flip & jump trainer together with air barrel. These three equipment can easy help the gymnasts to go from good to amazing in a methodical way.

”This is the best equipment-line in the world”

”A true confidence-builder that makes you tumble with more durability”

005002 Airfloor 20cm

005010 Airfloor 27cm

005011 Airfloor 30cm

005009 Incline

005008 Cylinder

005007 Airfloor 10cm

005006 Flip ’n’ jump